Make Your Wholesale Business a Scalable One

Yes, your wholesale sunglasses business can grow and be “scalable”. But a lot of effort should be placed in making sure you as the business owner play your “cards” right. The point is, even before your “open” or start selling, you need to follow certain suggestions to be on the right track. Here are some we think should guide you to the right path:

  • Modern marketing methods should be employed.

Gone are the days when traditional methods of informing people about your business would be your only option. These days, non-traditional methods of advertising your wholesale sunglasses business are not only available, but they are also proving to be quite effective. Get the Internet, social media, and email to be your friend in getting more customers. These days, if you don’t use these “modern” methods of marketing, your competitors will.

  • The transition from “working in” your business to “working on” your business.

The problem with most business owners is that they love taking responsibilities for all facets of making their business that they assume the role of being the employee. If you really want to progress your business and bring it to the next level, then you would need to assume lesser roles and oversee rather than being busy with each and every detail of the business. Been too busy working in your business will not allow you to see the big picture, and chances are, you will miss opportunities for growth and other larger issues.

  • Funding should be secured.

You need to secure funding to let your business afloat for the next two years, at least. The thing is, any business will be out of the red by that amount of time. If you don’t have that enough funding to last you that long, your business will not progress. That is not to say that you should be confident because you have funding to last you that long, but you would need to be sure that there is enough money for you to realize plans of expansion or growing. Otherwise, your business will be in a stagnant state.

  • Make sure that financial projections and plans are strategic and feasible.

If you want to have a scalable business, you need to study trends and project on how your business will fare in the next year or two. “Playing it by ear” and “going with the flow” will not get you a scalable business. You need to know how financially sound your business is and will be so you can expand and grow.

Tips To Design The Ideal ID Card For Your Business

As a business owner do you know why you should have a good business card? It gives your business, a complete professional look. Through this card, you tend to make a strong and lasting impression on your clients and prospective customers. Hence designing your ID card properly with all the required information on it is very essential to impress your clients and enhance your business and make it more profitable.

Now let’s concentrate on some important tips, which can help you design the ideal ID card or business card.

1. Don’t opt for a cheap method for designing your card. It will create a wrong impression about your business to your first time customers or clients. Hence, by going cheap you are not doing any kind of favor to yourself. Chances are that you are missing out on opportunities which ultimately could have helped you to enhance your scope in your business.

2. Take help from professional designers to design your business card, unless you can enough to design it yourself, and give all the important details in it. Design it in such a way that it can create a positive impact about your business in the clients’ minds.

3. Try to keep your business card simple. The conventional size of a business card is 3.5″x 2″, so hardly there remains space to work on. So one has to put information very judiciously so it doesn’t look clumsy. Don’t make the logo too big. And keep the size of the type in such a size that it becomes comfortably legible. Keep good extent of white space.

4. For making your business card memorable to the clients, you can design it in round, oval or any other shape instead of the conventional rectangular shape. But you must keep in mind that round or other shaped cards won’t fit in a regular rectangular card holder.

5. Only give important information on the card like your name, company name, company logo, phone, fax and mobile numbers, email address, company’s website address, your company’s address. A simple and clean card is always desired. So don’t use all the white space. And try to keep the back of the card absolutely clean with only the main tagline of your company.

6. You can consider using membership card software to design such cards. There are a lot of professional membership card software’s that are used to create ID cards for your business and for managing the organization. Membership Card Maker is one such software which can create a multi layered membership card.

7. Businessmen use loyalty programs to make the clients and the customers to get back to their business all the time. In America if a business person is into marketing more than 65%, then he is possibly using loyalty program. While designing your own business ID card you can use loyalty program software for creating a feeling of loyalty in the hearts of your customers.

Keep all these above points in mind and these will ultimately help you to successfully design ideal ID cards for your business.

Key Parts of Your Business Plan to Achieve Your Business Goals

If you are thinking about starting your own business online, then you must first consider developing a proper business plan, and make sure you document it carefully. Since starting an online business does not require much investment, many entrepreneurs overlook the importance of creating business plans.

Well, they are bound to fail, because a carefully documented business plan is not an option. Even if you do not require a plan for securing finance, it will still come handy while making business proposals or presentations to your prospective clients. Most importantly, it will help you in measuring your business progress, and also keep you focused on the right direction.

Please be reminded that the plan that you create should make room for scalability, growth, and changes whenever required. If some strategy is not giving you the kind of breakthrough or result that you expected, then you might have to rethink over it again. Business plan should be flexible for changes.

If you do not have much idea about how to write a business plan, then you could look for software applications that are available on the net. By using such planning software, you will be able to get the skeletal structure of your document, which you can customize according to your business type and goals.

Some of the key parts of your business plan would include:

Business summary – Here you will need to describe your business type, mission, vision, goals, products or services, customers, etc.

Business name - You will need to choose a name that will help you in branding your business effectively and for building credibility with your customers and stakeholders. Of course, business names can be changed, but it will involve a lot of procedural works. Also, it could slow down the progress. Hence, make sure that you choose a business name that you would want to stay for good.

Identify your niche customers or clients – You will need to describe your products or services in such a way that they appeal to your prospective customers. Speak about what you can give to your customers that your competitors cannot. At the same time, you can also look at your products or services critically, in order to identify the areas where you can improve their quality.

Analysis and assessment – Obviously, there will be investments involved, but before spending money, you will need to conduct a proper assessment, and analyze if the business is feasible or not. Here you will need to list out your strengths, limitations or weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and then analyze them closely to come up with strategies to overcome the limitations, and minimize the threats.

Goal setting - Here, you will need to list out both the long-term goals, and the short term goals. Each of your goals should have proper timeframes for completions.

Marketing plan – The success of your business will ultimately depend upon how many customers or clients you get. Internet offers plenty of opportunities for everyone to market their businesses and make money online. You can easily reach out to thousands of prospective customers or clients without spending too much money.

You can also find a lot of resources on the net that can give you ideas about how to make money online. Alternatively, you could hire a professional internet marketing company to help you promote your business effectively.

If you are able to attract targeted traffic to your business website, and if you keep working on improving the sales conversions, you will surely get excellent returns on your investments.